It was raining as if there would not be another day for the clouds to quench the thirst of earth. The streetlights were fighting hard to make their presence felt but they were reduced to a meager speck of hazy yellow dimming in a distance. The usual noise and hustle of the street were overpowered by the sound of the rain pelting in its thunderous mood. His grip was getting stronger with every step he took to hold the umbrella upright in a fearsome gale. He was pressing firmly on the flip-flops to avoid slipping amidst a tingling sensation on the ankles by rain-soaked gravels he couldn’t do anything about. He was ruing the decision of folding his jeans knee high in a lost cause of keeping them clean. The honking of the car was heard only when it had breezed past him with a greeting of a muddy cold splash of water. His head was furiously raised to curse the man behind the wheels but his anger subsided seeing the shadow of a child’s tiny hands trying to clear the foggy rear window of the car. He could instantly feel a connection with the little soul who wanted to be out in the rain. The passing car made him remember of his friends who had asked him to join for a car ride through the city to welcome the monsoons. They knew that he loved rain but he had politely refused. The idea did not appeal him at all. The enchanting romance of his intriguing affair with the rain could never be replicated inside the cozy comforts of a vehicle. So here he was. Living the love of his life. A walk all by himself to meet his inner self in a rendezvous with purity of the raindrops while being overwhelmed by the enormity of nature. A faint sound forced his eyes to wander to the other side of the street where a completely drenched mother was struggling to keep her child safe from the catastrophic rain. She was holding his hands strongly so that he would not run away from the confines of a leaking tattered polyethene roof of a shelter they called home. The child’s joy could be heard in his innocent laughter when he freed one of his hands from his mother and outstretched it to feel the rain drops falling on his open palm. Suddenly a strong gust of wind made him swirl and took the umbrella flying with it into the impregnable darkness. He stood there thoughtless and bare, without the protection of the umbrella, in the middle of the rain of a lifetime but surprisingly not a single drop of rain was falling on him.