There is so much meaning attached to symbols and mythology. An entirely new and hidden world unearths when we start thinking logically. Similar is the case with human emotions. You have to dive deep to look at things in a different perspective.

Some of the quotes from my novel Incognito : Mythos, Logos & an Enigma called Love to give a glimpse of the thought process :

“Emotions evolve from nothingness. One cannot force oneself into a particular kind of emotion. Emotions have a personality of their own, which is hard to comprehend.”

“Nature makes you understand its enormity in the most subtle of ways.”

“It is apathy which gives you strength to fight love. Hate only accentuates the absence of love and the pain associated with it.”

“Salvation is reached not only by the men who have all the questions answered but also by men who have no more questions.”

“Fear can be good at times. It prevents men from taking decisions beyond what they can endure.  Some fears are better left unconquered.”

“Science and religion have to find a balance someday.”

“Time does change. Generations do think differently”

“Sometimes you don’t need to bend the rules but just need to go around it.”

“Sometimes things which are so evident are more deceptive.”

“There is only one earth for the coexistence and survival of humankind. Fighting over a difference of opinions will leave no one to fight again.”

“It is always intriguing to watch a child deal with the world. A child creates his own world around him and this world has rules which are best suited to the child. How one wishes if an adult could do the same.”

“We all live in a world of mistaken ego.”

“The beauty of a place is increased by the company you have to admire it.”

“Science and logic are all good for human sustenance in the world, but the life beyond needs faith.”

“The greatness of great men is not only in doing what they do, but also in knowing what they are supposed to do.”

“Sleep is the biggest loser when the heart starts beating for someone else.”

“Sometimes listening is the best thing you can do for someone. People don’t always need strength or advice. Sometimes they want to speak their heart out to someone who just hears and understands. They don’t need a reply. They just need a pair of eyes where they can see concern.”

“Rarely do we realize that it is ourselves whom we have to confront before taking on the world.”

“Present day Indian follows the rituals blindly without understanding the significance of it. The questioning attitude disappeared somewhere down the line. If one opens his mind to logical reasoning, even some of the weirdest looking superstitions would start making sense.”

“We don’t understand the things as they are when they are. But when we look back, we realize we were a part of the big master plan. Every little incident of our lives has its role in shaping what we become.”

“You feel the strong desire to attain something desperately, but life after you get it, is different. There is a feeling of missing something. The desperation, the passion to accomplish is gone. You no longer have the motivation to push your limits. For a life to be lived with the greatest of enthusiasm, you need a want of something.”

“Victory is sweeter if it breaks someone’s invincibility.”

“Destiny plays its role when least expected.”

Here is the blurb of the novel 

Incognito : Mythos, Logos & an Enigma called Love (the link to the novel)

Destiny has landed Punya Saran in the middle of a quest. A quest which belonged to Vaidehi but Punya must accompany her in the journey to prove his innocence. It all started with the construction of a scientific marvel and a mysterious murder. They are confronted with a theory that has changed the way humanity looked at the world. To unveil the message which has earth-shattering ramifications, they have to decipher the symbols and secrets hidden within historical monuments and ancient scriptures. They find themselves in a dilemma of deciding between mythology and logic. How do they do it?

And then there are moments with Drishti, a girl who carried a burden in her heart. She was a broken soul who had forgotten to live. Punya had found himself in bringing her back to life. He tried hard but he could not stop himself from loving her. It was an alliance of souls. But she is gone now. He is completely devastated. Will the memories weaken him further?

What happens when an eye-opening thriller meets a heartfelt love story? Who is bestowed upon with the divine vision? Does the secret reveal itself? Do they understand the enigma of love?

All we seek are right before our eyes but choose to remain incognito.