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“Yes, I am standing right in front of the café” She half shouted to be heard in the noise of the traffic.

“I am also here madam”, said a crude voice from the other end of the phone.

Irritation was clearly visible in her already distressed eyes. Taking deep breaths, she tried to keep her annoyance at bay for she had an important task at hand. To her relief, she spotted it soon. 2810. The number plate. The cab was parked at the other side of the road. For her, the days of hand signals and yelling for taxis were long gone. With modern technology, neither were there any worries for long routes taken nor there were any hassles of overpaying for shortage of change money.

If she were to become the transport minister, horns would be completely banned. She hated it all the more while crossing the road. ‘Can’t they see that I am in no mood for standing in the middle of the road? Goddamn it. I am crossing you morons. Keep your hands off the horns.’ She was already frustrated to the rim and virtually running through the traffic at the busiest hour of the day was taking her to the edge of temper.

“What is this madam? I was waiting for you for so long.” The driver turned back as she closed the door of the cab.

“You please don’t say anything. Couldn’t you come over to the other side?” She kept her handbag in her lap.

“And who would have paid for the extra kilometer until the turnabout?”

“Please just look ahead and drive.”

The tone of the driver’s voice was only adding fuel to the fire. It will definitely be a one-star rating for him. ‘Why can’t they include negative ratings?’

The cab started to maneuver through the traffic. She closed her eyes and tried to remain thoughtless. This was going to be one hell of a day. She needed the time to be with herself for few moments. But it was such kind of a day you could do nothing about. Without any warning whatsoever the cab driver decided to put on the radio. Even the soothing voice of the radio jockey seemed to be piercing her ears. Naah! She won’t say anything. ‘Calm down.’ A smirk on her face affirmed that she had ignored the ambience around her.

A jerk caused by sudden brakes not only brought her back to the cab but also made her react impulsively to avoid her head colliding with the driver’s seat. No. She would not say cuss words for the driver. She would just pray for him to burn in hell. Her favorite handbag could not react as fast as her and was floored to bite some dust. Her eyes caught on something while she was picking up the bag. A torn strap of her left shoe. Good! Now she has to face the interview in a torn shoe. ‘Can things get any worse? Not a chance in hell.’ Her ignorance was about to discover that the worst was yet to come. Worse was just a precursor to the apocalypse which was about to shake her professional choices to the core.

‘Please. No. Not now!’ The frustration could not be contained seeing the phone ringing. It was him. The villain of her life.