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Dear God

Hope you are doing well. First thing first. Let me make it clear that I am not an atheist. Else I would not have been writing to you. I am like any other God fearing common man – believer. So have mercy on me. Let us get down to business now and hopefully you have noticed the capitalization in God.

What really are all of you up to? I know you are not alone. There are four or five of you.  All of you have your respective following. Good enough. But why have you left it to mere mortals like us to decide who is the greatest among you all? Come on. Each one of you individually has created this enormous, gigantic, unimaginable expanse of time and space called universe. You also had the brains to minutely lay down the laws governing everything right from our souls, thoughts to the physical world. Couldn’t you do just one small thing more? Decide amongst yourselves. The greatest of kings fought themselves. OK. You missed that part somehow. Can’t you do it now? We have been fighting for thousands of years now and couldn’t come up with a solution. Don’t you think that time has come for you to clear the air? Sit together. Or fight together. Do whatever it takes to declare that see mankind, he is the best God. We follow you blindly. Without any questions asked. If my God declares that look my child that God there is the best. We will accept it. Or let other Gods say that mine is the best. Why do you keep forgetting that you are God? God has to have more wisdom than humans. Let your wisdom guide you and come out in open.

See this is not for me or humankind as a whole. If you don’t clear the doubts, you will be the ultimate loser. How? You can read my mind. Actually, whatever is in my mind is created by you. Do I still need to explain? Sorry, my mistake. Open letter. Others are reading as well. It is very simple. Humans have a life span of 70-80 years only. Even if we fight over your greatness, what happens to us? The most likely scenario is that sooner or later, we all die. The earth is doomed. As simple as that. We are mortals. We are here to die. It doesn’t make a difference to us that we die petty death instead of pursuing knowledge and happiness. What can we gain in such a short time? How can we seek other things in so less time when the greatest question about your greatness is left unanswered? Being happy ourselves and making others smile for this short time called life can be sacrificed over you.

But think about you. You have to live millions of billions of years. No. You are immortal. You live till eternity. If we all bombard each other, who will be left to praise you? Who will be left to call you God with the capital G? You people will be ‘alone’. Then what will you do? There won’t be anyone whose destiny would be decided by you. How will you pass your endless time? Someone told me our prayers, our offerings give you strength. If not for us, you will be also doomed. So come out soon. Decide yourself for the final time. It will be good for you and it will even spare us some time to do some good things rather than wasting time deciding greatness of someone who is so great that we can’t even imagine. There are many more things to say, but some time later. My time is running short. By the way trivia fact for you, we have such short life span, thanks to you only.

A prompt response will be highly appreciated. One last thing, tell me frankly. You are the one who created us, right? Or is it the other way round?