Purpose of life. Always heard about it. There is a purpose to every living and non living entity in the Universe. The very existence of the Universe grants it a purpose. What if there is no purpose of life? What if everything we look around is plain manifestation of randomness? Does it change anything?

Is it not simpler to believe that the vast expanse of Universe has no cryptic reason to exist? It just exists. As simple and as random as that. When the physical infiniteness is beyond the reach of prowess of our imagination, how do we expect to comprehend the intangible abstract notion of the purpose?

On a miniscule scale, what is the purpose of our lives? Since times immemorial, philosophers and scientists alike have been  struggling to find the answer.  What if they have been asking the wrong question? Will the human interaction with society and Universe differ if they come to realise that there is no purpose? Life is because it is. Universe exists because it exists. It may not exist as well without any questions being asked.

Then at other times, it seems that the purpose of the Universe is to give purpose to randomness. Some devote themselves to the origin of purpose – one who created or the laws defining evolution. May be the truth will never reveal itself or maybe by tomorrow’s morning, all will be enlightened. Either way, we are mere spectators. And trust me we have the best seats possible.

If there is no purpose at all, we will keep riding the wonderful wave of randomness till eternity considering that eternity in itself will be random. And if the entire cosmos really has got a purpose, the purpose will be solved because that’s why it exists.