I sometimes dream of dreams that have mesmerizing charm associated with them. They take you to a different world. A world where the soothing cool breeze never forgets to caress your face to bring a smile. A smile which is devoid of any sense of accomplishment but is just a manifestation of calm existence. An existence where there are no hassles of pursuing happiness but is defined by unadulterated purity. A purity of the inner self which forgoes the tantrums of humanity and finds the meaning in the smallest of moments. Moments which make you realise that some dreams may not come true but it is worth dreaming. When you feel that your dreams have abandoned you, there comes a moment. A moment which does not define your life but provides you with the eternity of a lifetime. When that friend talks to you after years like it was yesterday. When a child holds your hand and your heart melts. When those old eyes twinkle at the sight of you after so long. When that smile genuinely acknowledges your being there. When you get to hear the silence of the overwhelming nature. When the river flows beneath the starry sky. I wish I could dream more of such dreams. Dreams of the real moments. I will not have to wait for such dreams to come true. I simply have to keep my eyes open.