Destiny has landed Punya Saran in the middle of a quest. A quest which belonged to Vaidehi but Punya must accompany her in the journey to prove his innocence. It all started with the construction of a scientific marvel and a mysterious murder. They are confronted with a theory that has changed the way humanity looked at the world. To unveil the message which has earth-shattering ramifications, they have to decipher the symbols and secrets hidden within historical monuments and ancient scriptures. They find themselves in a dilemma of deciding between mythology and logic. How do they do it?

And then there are moments with Drishti, a girl who carried a burden in her heart. She was a broken soul who had forgotten to live. Punya had found himself in bringing her back to life. He tried hard but he could not stop himself from loving her. It was an alliance of souls. But she is gone now. He is completely devastated. Will the memories weaken him further?

What happens when an eye-opening thriller meets a heartfelt love story? Who is bestowed upon with the divine vision? Does the secret reveal itself? Do they understand the enigma of love?

All we seek are right before our eyes but choose to remain incognito.

Incognito : Mythos, Logos & an Enigma called Love – get the novel here